Written Work

Both Don and Erik write articles that are published in Magazines, Newspapers, and online. Don is an avid writer for both GrainNews and the National Post. Erik, on the other hand has monthly segment in the Carberry Express called Ask the Expert.

Don has been writing for these sources for (10) years, and is a respected voice in the financial advisor Industry. Erik newer to the media, and to the financial advisor industry. Erik only started writing for the Carberry express in early 2017 but likes the idea of educating people with valuable financial advice.

By writing these articles Don and Erik hope to inform the public about financial planning concepts that we have all faced, and to illustrate unique situations which others are experiencing, and showcase how implementing a few simple solutions can help overcome even the most complicated situations.

Case Studies

Don and Erik have used their years of experience, knowledge, and expertise to develop some case studies. These case studies are based off past experiences and situations that they have dealt with. The names have been changed for confidentiality reasons. 

With the case studies we hope to increase the knowledge of clients and perspective clients. We are hoping that this will help people see some of their potential blind spots, and reduce their future vulnerability. The case studies outline problems that were faced by real people in our office, and the solutions that we came up with and helped them obtain. 


We have also included some links to websites that we think are extremely valuable for everyone. We have also included a list of books and articles that can help increase your understanding of the financial industry. If you have any suggestions, or comments questions and concerns, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Ideal Client Profile

Take a look at our ideal client profile to see the type of people that we are interested in working with. This is just a guide and not a strict grading tool.