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Comprehensive Farm Financial Planning

Fee-for-service Investment Management
Our Unique Approach

​​The majority of people aren’t looking to buy financial products. They are looking for a professional financial planner to help them manage their savings.

Traditionally the financial services industry has been filled with investment and insurance advisors offering a "free financial plan" with the purchase of a financial product. ​This may lead to confusion for many people as they ask themselves; Is the provided solution my best option? Is my advisor acting in my best interest? Is my advisor pushing a product which will generate a larger commission for him?

Forbes Wealth Management provides two distinct services: fee-based financial planning for unbiased professional advice, and fee-for-service wealth management for full fee disclosure and the most cost effective investments.

Idea inception

Creating ideas and several alternative pathways for moving forward.

Create the plan

Developing a framework, timeline, and numbers to support the idea.


Manage the details

Staying disciplined, accountable, and keeping assets sustainable.

Farm Financial Planning

Dealing with farmers for over 29 years has given us the opportunity to develop a keen specialization and understanding of the unique challenges faced by corporate family farms and small businesses. 

We can help you efficiently utilize the capital gains tax exemption for personal farm land and the sale of your personal corporate share if you are deciding to wind down the farm, or pass on to the next generation.